The Great Debate; Beer Or Wine?

The Great Debate; Beer Or Wine?

A glass of beer or a glass of wine, that is the big question. Every alcoholic drink has its pros and cons ranging from health benefits to more practical ones such as taste and enjoyment. When deciding between the two, one may base their decision regarding which drink goes better with food. However, it all depends on one’s personal situation and circumstances because taking a glass of wine or beer at any given time works.


33 percent of wine drinkers claim that wine is their favorite drink. If you are a wine drinker, take a look at the following findings.

•Wine drinkers live longer. A study conducted in Danish show that people who took wine had a lower mortality from cancer and heart disease than those who don’t drink wine. Those who took a beer and other alcoholic beverages their mortality decreased by 10 percent.

•Wine drinkers have a lower rate of getting cancer as a result of a substance known as Reservatrol found in the skin of the grapes. Reservatrol has been found to lower the growth of cancer cells.

•Wine drinkers eat better than beer drinkers. A study done in Denmark noted that wine drinkers make healthier food choices than those who drink beer. Wine drinkers buy healthier items such as fruits and vegetables, unlike beer drinkers who buy
fattening chips, sausages and soda pop.

•Wine drinkers spent more than beer drinkers, although those who took both spent most of all. Researchers also noted that people who took wine were wealthier and well educated than beer drinks, which leads to a better health.

So why do a large number of Americans drink beer?


Beer is more accessible and less expensive than wine. In addition, beer companies market their products a lot. Regarding health benefits, how does beer compare to wine?

•Beer has a lot of nutrients than wine. Beer contains all the required vitamins B, and significant minerals and trace metals.

•Beer reduces heart disease. A study conducted in Czech Republic noted that vitamin B6 in beer reduced amino acid in the blood that is linked to heart disease.

•Light beer has low levels of calories compared to wine. In the United States, light beer in the most popular among all beer segments.

The Winner

The majority of beer lovers claim that wine gets all the positive press. On the other hand, beer is associated with unhealthy habits and binge drinking. If you are on a diet, consider taking a glass of wine. If you believe beer is healthier than wine, then buy your favorite six-pack. It all depends on your lifestyle and personal situation!

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